Learning to Love Auditions

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With February 14th being all things Love and Valentines firmly in the rear view mirror, we thought we’d look at all the ways actors can learn to love auditioning!

Auditions, whether they are for an amateur production, a drama school, or the job of your dreams, can either be tense, nerve wracking affairs or a really enjoyable experience.  The great news is, the person in charge of that is you.

Below, we’ll break down several ways to look at auditions to hopefully take the fear out of the equation however, it’s really useful to consider the function of an audition first off.  Whatever the level, job or occasion, the main thing to remember is that whoever is auditioning you has a casting problem that you could very well be the answer for, and the best news is, whoever is on the other side of the table, is really hoping you are that answer!  Your local production is really hoping you’ll deliver the goods and take that role that has your name on it. The drama school auditioning you is actively seeking students and really hoping you’ll have the potential for training that they saw when they invited you to audition.  The new UK tour of the leading musical called you in because they think you might be exactly what the director is looking for.

Another thing to consider is that auditions are never just about ‘that one job’.  Casting and creative teams, drama school teachers do talk to each other and work across schools and productions and, if you’re not right for that school/role, you might be perfect for another project they are working on later.  That was my experience.  I once auditioned for a drama school which I wasn’t ready for, (I promise, I’m over it), but the head of acting from that school found my profile years later when I did graduate from drama school and offered me my first professional audition.  You just never know.

Many agents I have worked with in recent years use the expression ‘book the room, not the job’, meaning even if it’s a no, that could turn in to a yes for something completely different days, weeks, months or years down the line.  I always believe an audition is about sowing the seeds for a fruitful career; likewise, you just never know who you might meet on an audition day and what connections you could make either from the team auditioning you, or the actors you’re auditioning with.

With that in mind, here are 4 aspects of auditioning we think actors should learn to love, to make the experience better for everyone.

A Chance to Meet New People

Auditions offer the opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks.  In any audition room, whether it’s the key creative team or the actors among you, are future directors, producers, makers, assistants, agents, you name it.  Making good, meaningful connections is incredibly helpful in any field, acting especially.  Enter any audition with a sense of openness, put your best foot forward and you might find more people to be your cheerleaders at the next one.

A Chance to Act!

Oftentimes as actors, we need someone’s permission or opportunity to act.  We need a company to put on a show, someone to offer us a job, there a a multitude of ways in which the chance to flex our acting muscles isn’t entirely in our control.  But auditions can be that too!  They’re ways to flex acting muscles you might not always get to flex when you’re not in training.  If you can view auditions as an opportunity to perform, make your own choices, prepare material, create a convincing character, you may find yourself excited to get in the room and work.

A Chance to Work on New Material.

Ever get tired of dusting off the same songs or monologues?  Auditions give you the chance to test yourself against new and exciting material.  Viewing this as a chance to test yourself will let you dig deep in to new work and challenge your capabilities.  In addition, if you ever get the chance to audition for brand new material, there’s nothing you can be compared against, so again, the pressure can be off.

A Chance to Improve Your Audition Skills

If you find auditions nerve-wracking, one of the best ways to get past those nerves is to keep auditioning.  The more you do, the easier it gets, so don’t avoid them.  Nerves come from a fear of the unknown, however you’ll know more by auditioning more.  Audition practice will enable you go get better at working with re-direction, making an impression in a short space of time, performing under pressure and doing your best work.

In essence, auditions are not just about landing a specific role; they’re about professional growth. By reframing auditions as opportunities for connection, creativity, and personal development, actors can cultivate a genuine love for the auditioning process, making it a better experience for everyone.


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