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Tom Hopper

Tom Hopper started his career as an actor by attending Rose Bruford college in 2003 and receiving a BA hons in acting in 2006. After graduating he has appeared in various international movies and tv shows. Some his major credits that have defined his career include playing Sir Percival in BBC’s “Merlin”, he then went on to Starz original drama series “Black Sails”, where he played Billy Bones.

Tom then played in Game of Thrones as Dickon Tarly, and is now starring as Luther Hargreeves in the Netflix hit show “The Umbrella Academy” Tom’s movie credits include British hit, teen horror comedy “Tormented”, and international hits such as “Northmen: A Viking sag”, “I feel Pretty”, “Terminator: Dark fate” among many others. Tom has a passion for helping young people find their place in the entertainment industry. He is delighted to help guide Stepping Stones students & fuel their passions for acting and performing.