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Students will start from the basics and go right through more advanced lessons gaining an incredible insight and developing the skills needed to succeed in the highly demanding world of self tapes, casting, TV and film. In partnership with the SAE institute we have access to industry standard equipment and staff.


Training sessions will focus on

Term 1

Introduction to screen acting:

This will cover all the basics of students getting comfortable with being in front of the camera.

  • acting opposite others and working on eye line techniques (basic)
  • presenting
  • walk and talk and hitting focus marks
  • learning about the many roles involved behind the camera
  • self direction and analysis


Term 2

Now the students will be more comfortable with basics of acting in front of camera, its now time to start to test their skills. This will cover more of what term 1 does, but taking it to more advanced levels.

  • monologues within scenes
  • working with different frame sizes and angles, and learning skills to make the most out of them in performance.
  • acting opposite others and working on eye line techniques (intermediate)
  • exploring and understanding the other roles behind the development of film and television
  • casting practice


Term 3

The final term will be heavily focused on putting the things learnt in terms 1 & 2 to the test.

Students will have the opportunity to hone in on their skills.

  • self tape castings
  • role play castings with casting directors
  • learning about the equipment, getting to grips and understanding the MANY pieces of equipment involved in making a set run smoothly.
  • role play on set scenario with the students playing the roles of crew and feeling what its like to shoot a scene on set.
  • sight reading/cold reads in a casting

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Oxford High School, SAE – Leamington Spa campus

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