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Senior Musical Theatre School

The Musical Theatre course will prepare students for the broad range of skills required to work in the demanding Musical Theatre industry.

Key Informaiton

  • Sat

  • - 3:00 pm

  • Ages 12-18

  • Oxford High School – Music Centre


Per Term


Per Year

Course Information

Through weekly classes in Dance, Singing and Acting, students will develop their individual skills whilst being consistently encouraged to integrate their skills to become a true, ‘triple threat’ performer.

Each term will explore a specific style, genre or creator within theatre, culminating in an end of term concert, which demonstrates the performance skills acquired through the term. For example:

  • The Golden Age of Musical Theatre
  • The Contemporary Musical
  • Jukebox Musicals
  • The works of Andrew Lloyd Webber/Sondheim/Rogers & Hammerstein etc

And many more.

ACTING will focus on:

Historical Context |Naturalism | Performance Skills | Voice & Accents |Acting Through Song | Script Analysis | Improvisation

SINGING will focus on:

Ensemble | Vocal Technique | Repertoire | Style & Performance | Harmony

DANCE will focus on:

Technique | Performance | Musical Theatre Choreographers | Dance through the ages | Movement